Tyler May

I'm Tyler May.

I started making videos when I was 12 years old. Now I do videography and photography for my job! Creating meaningful things for other people is undoubtedly my biggest passion!

I create timeless images and videos meant to be shared shared and appreciated. I love photography, videography, design, social media marketing, and working for Patreon in San Francisco. The central goal of my art and my life is simply to help others. So I aim to inspire empathy, compassion, and appreciation of beautiful things.

Even though I may articulate my creative vision in a fairly pretentious sounding way, I still love to have fun! I'm constantly cracking jokes, though mostly for just myself, during every shoot. So if you want to have a blast and receive some good looking, meaningful content of your band, event, family, company, or even just yourself, contact me! I want to encourage your passions through the art of storytelling!


Contact Me

Feel free to reach me through this form so that I can give you more information or a price estimate as soon as possible for you. You can also email me directly at Don't be shy! I would really love to work with you!

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