Stephen & Jenna

Stephen & Jenna-43.jpg

Back in September I had the lovely opportunity to shoot my friends Stephen & Jenna and their proposal/engagement photos. A year prior I shot my old roommate's proposal and engagement and now his brother, Stephen was about to do the same. So it was a special opportunity being able to shoot yet another Bagin proposal. These Bagin boys get married real fast and I'm glad that I have been able to keep up with them.

The best part of this shoot was when several men from a couple boats passing by started applauding right after Stephen proposed. Good times haha! I'm looking forward to Stephen & Jenna's bright futures ahead and hopefully a future wedding gig!

Stephen & Jenna-14.jpg

The proposal

The prep for shooting this proposal was non-existent. There was a marathon happening around Milwaukee which closed down most of the surrounding streets. This meant I got stuck in traffic after several detours and had to jog a mile to get into position. I passed Stephen and Jenna on the way to the location. Somehow I went undetected by Jenna after nonchalantly giving Stephen the high sign from a distance. I was wearing a hat and looked down right when Jenna looked in my direction so she didn't recognize who I was haha!

Once in place, I sat at a bench and made friends with a bicyclist who agreed to help aid my cover. I quickly changed my lens less than a minute before Stephen and Jenna got in "the spot." Then I got up just before Stephen proposed and took a picture of the boats and birds like a tourist would. Seconds after that, the question was popped and the shutter was clicked...several times. 


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