Stanz Wedding

I met Nathan Stanz while working at Patreon a couple summers ago. We hit it off real well mostly through playing Smash Brothers, which is how every good friendship should start. Soon after knowing Stanz, I met Richelle who had an even stronger more determined personality than Stanz, which I didn't think was possible. They quickly became two of my favorite people in San Francisco and it was an honor to get to shoot their wedding for them.

Before getting married, Stanz and Richelle had had been dating for around 8 years! It was so good to see kind of the culmination of their long relationship relationship happen on their wedding day. The only thing that could make it better would be a gorgeous venue for the event and they definitely had that. Lake Chalet in Oakland was just a beautiful venue for a wedding and I felt privileged to get to shoot there. I spent more time than normal editing their photos because I was so impressed with how well they all turned out, so I wanted to do them justice. A beautiful wedding with a beautiful location made for some pretty beautiful photos. 

Thank you to Sofia Valesquez for being the second shooter and all the other vendors involved. I'll link their info once I have it!